How to Blend with Crowd and Make it your Opportunity quick and easy steps

how to blend with crowd quick and easy steps @ abbey light show
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Of course, this a problem I encounter a lot when growing up but with time and positive effort I was able to overcome and be the top search in the crowd of many smart, jovial and popular people maybe in school or work. I know people of the age will be shy and want to take the chances of being noticed but; this is the best clue I had for myself and fortunately I was able to stand and get noticed.



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This is straight up, before you make plans of any kind, the right type of crowd matters. Two Types of Crowd I know are;

  • Casual crowd
  • Popular crowd (Everyone’s crush)

Casual crowd: at some period in time I was simple just wanting to have the few and not be the top talk of the day. I felt okay and didn’t need much attention and power but at the long run I got to be….

Popular crowd (Everyone’s crush): definitely is the big deal, everyone you get in contact with a little time you will want to know more, blend with you, get with you, know you and probably love you HAHA… you know what I mean just be who you are and make the final decision don’t let the people or environment change who you really are, you change the people and environment.


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Building the relationship is the first key priority of your life without the people no relationships you can’t just get it on your own, you will have to win them over to you so they stay and you get to win their hearts this is a powerful habit of successful people.


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Lol, just be confident I know this is weird but I didn’t have the courage to talk to the girl of my dreams in school cause she had the popular crowd the top girls on block and I found it difficult to walk up to her and her cool friends but at the end of it all I got to be the popular kid after following the steps I listed. Knowing them and having to spend time with them you need a simple little step to get to the bigger goal.


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Definitely, this is the coolest part of blending with the crowd. If you are not yourself you definitely can’t be 100% someone else. Being yourself, you are the glory and power you submit to your subconscious mind. Don’t let the people bring you down, you are the greatest gift life has to offer go out there and kick the crowd and be you.

Hope I got you to understand yourself and get the right opportunities with people.

NOTE: Everyone are important and has values, use this means to get the important task from them respect them and add this to your life indeed. Please comment below and tell me what you think if this was helpful let me know.

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