Things you should have known during the Pandemic, the Biggest Secrets (2022)

The world is facing challenges that hopefully could find a perfect cure, stories everywhere good and bad stories but the whole situation is the world can’t be the end but hope, Opportunities and lessons to be learnt. I see at my back people suffering from losses and miseries, then at my front have people with opportunities and hope of love and peace.

Whatever that goes through you right now is not your fault but trust me is a beautiful reason to share in the world. The fact you are here today is a miracle and is a gift from God that you are the chosen one, blessed indeed. I want to really share something with you that is the biggest secret to the world in 2021.


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A lot of people right now in the world are feeling lost, complaining, sad, terrified cause maybe they lost their jobs, families, there loves, or the peace they have. But this isn’t the end of the world and I know the end isn’t us to make instead the lost wasn’t your fault neither any of friends or family take advantage of the situation not that there is a lost but there is hope and where there is live there is hope let me tell you why; Those gone would what you to suffer with them but want you to enjoy what they didn’t have of it.

Take advantage of life situation this means job might be lost, or business might be down. But people out there are making millions and billions of dollars, the rich are getting richer, people are getting known with creativity with the means of their talents which are being spoken out through social media like TikTok or SnapChat.

If there is something, I love to say is never look at the bad, people there will say but the poor are getting poorer. YES! this is true but why are the rich getting more? Do they have two Heads? Do they have four Hands or are they having four Brains answer is NO!
Big secret why they make it is because they have the passion, they have the “What Ever It Takes Lifestyle”, they don’t look at what is coming they just go for it as it comes before them “Believe”.
My advice is what is your lifestyle right now are you getting better or worse let me know in the Comment below…


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Trust me right now, to hide in the COVID-19 or Corona Virus era is the worst situation right now. I know that the situation of life is serious and a tragedy to people, but you can’t tell when it will be over Is that not the decision for you to make, but the power and believe to make the situation turn around as a life changing opportunity is in your hand your decision to make won’t wait for you to get out and start your life “NEVER” that’s the mistake I won’t want you to make do that right thing “don’t let the power of the Government want to slow you down of what you do”.

Alright, I know might seem a little hard picking up the previous career because of the corona virus situation but might just do this which I have seen a lot of people do and succeed more impressively.
Start the strategic way by converting you do rather indoors, coded, convenient not just for you but for your clients. Starting the business online that’s now where 92% of the world is right now and is a great source. Don’t stop now do what you must and make the Jump higher and higher.


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The deal is coronavirus is not the trigger, you take the shots and make the calls. A lot of people think right “What If Am Next?” answer is No people are surviving breaking through and having there believe at the highest level not letting the situation turn them down. Right now, the people suffering this are fighting the virus and why are they doing that? Cause they know is not their time, is not the virus to pull the trigger but they are the one to call the shot the virus at the head saying that you are victorious and a warriors.
Feeling Courageous at this situation might seem terrifying but I have the best secret that will forever keep you safe and redeem that inner peace lost be and that is “God and his words” that is the best cure and believe, trust me a lot of people that do this have not fail, a lot have come out because their faith and believe in God kept them secured and hopeful. Trust him and believe me nothing in this world can stop what God has for you.

SUMMARY: The best secret now is you and how you make sure you use this as a hope not loss, as a gift not curse and trust me, I love that you are here and having a good time, use this day as a PRESENT.

I hope I was able to make you understand this blog post and able to give you insights thank you for listening, share your Comments with people and share this to friends and family around about the update on CoronaVirus.

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  1. Thanks… alot of us have been down this period and getting confused but we know is a matter of time we will get it ready thanks for the ideas

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